The most deluxe card cutting machine ever?

IMG_2730 IMG_2733 IMG_2735 IMG_2740

I picked up this jewel for 50 bucks in Denver Saturday.  It weighs 80 pounds.

A little research of the Standard Machine Company in Mystic River, CT reveals that it was made about 1878.  I even found a couple pictures of the place.

standard machine, mystic river2, ct

standard machine, mystic river4, ct

Of course I had to tear into it immediately.  And what I find is …they don’t make ’em like they used to.  Ain’t that a surprise.

As it came apart, probably for the first time in 150 years, I find that the little rack and pinion gear racks had custom shims installed to make them glide easier.  The base blade was shimmed with punch marks and little locating pins.  And the blade is TOTALLY adjustable.  The cutter blade was actually mounted between 2 centers, (can be seen in top picture) and one center could be adjusted off center, so that the angle of the dangle of the blade could be set very accurately to cut clear across a large surface with equal pressure.  Setting this was easy as pie at reassembly.

The blade steel was stamped Simmons Manufacturing, I imagine a specialty blade company, as the blades are hard as diamonds and were in very good condition.  I’ve sharpened them almost frightenly sharp.. being as heavy as it is, it could do some real damage.

The entire body of the thing was cast out of a single piece, and then machined.  Every bit of machining on it is exactly square and done in both axis’ at the same time.  It even has a dovetail guide for the moveable stop that can be seen in the front near the giant wing nut.

Wait till you see it with digital readout.  Well, maybe. Going to do a lot of thinking about all the stuff I want it to do.  It’s already one of kind, as far as I can tell.  Probably would never find another one.  I looked.  So whatever it comes to be… pretty sure it will be unique.  Ha.

Check right near the handle…where it comes down to rest on that post looking piece.  That had old rubber in there.  A bumper.  That is going to be where the stop is.  A fine adjustment stop will do very nicely right there.  Like it was made for it.



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Time for a new product…..

walkerttgf walkerttgf3 walkerttgf4

New technocracy.  Works like a dream.



IMG_0760 IMG_0761 IMG_0762

Bink, bink, with the thumb… and a little flip.  :)

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Shell set weekend…extended by a week. Ha.


3 Walking Liberty expanded shell sets.  $200 each.

1 Walker Triple Threat.  $375.


Ben Franklin expanded shell set w/5 coins AND gravity flipper.  $400.


The second ever.. Barber Triple Threat…w/4 ungaffed coins fitting expanded TT shell.  $500.


At top:  A one hundred and seventy six year old expanded shell on this Seated Liberty Triple Threat!  I guess you might know these are about 50 bucks each for this variety of Seated Liberty.  $550.

Below:  An unexpanded Seated Liberty set w/ shell and 4 coins.  All edges remilled.  Shell fits expanded shell of Triple threat if you were feeling extra springy.  $450.

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Barber winners

  1.  Ken
  2.  Eric
  3.  Alan T.
  4.  Goor
  5.  Jose
  6.  Travis S
  7.  Joe B.
  8.  Morris
  9.  McA
  10.  Call in

I have spoken with most of you, but a few not, so here you go. The cut off was after Morris. Thanks all.

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Free Haircut and Shave (w/ Russian Accent)…Or….


Well, the Barber motherlode turned out to be.. not that lucrative..mostly for my dealer because the dude wanted a premium for picking, and I’m a picker.  American picker.  But I did aquire at least 100 of these with full rims.  Please blow this up to max size and scroll through.  These are all super nice, sturdy deceptive expanded shells with very well matched coins.  You will see,  I spent a great deal of time and these 10 sets are the result.

I guess you have to click about 18 times to get it to full size now, they keep changing things at wordpress or I’m a dumbass, or both.  But you can get it almost full screen with enough clicks.  The shells are on the right.

First come, first serve on these.  They are $230 a set.

I had a bunch of guys with Barber orders as well, and I am doing your orders at the same time.

I guess it’s shell set weekend.  I have some more half dollar sets coming, some walkers and Ben Franklin actually, and maybe a couple specialty sets if the mood is right.  I have a small stash.

UWCers don’t lose the hope, part of my last aquistion was a nice load of real frosty unk 1921s.


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Card Quentin


Does that only sound good to me?  Popped into my head when I was mulling over the caged deck name possibilities.

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Vintage Okito


For REAL men.  Or just old farts.

I think…show the 4 dollars first. Do you like the heads side or the tails side? Open box without revealing images on outer faces of box and place the coins in chosen orientation into the box. Show the outside of the box as you close up… and let the one liners begin.

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