Got a Tall Bob size 12

bob wankertall bob wanker 2

Fresh out of the hills.  This is a big hunk of silver and very nice Opal.  Bob designed it with a magician in mind.  He wasn’t interested in making the standard magician ring with points on it, he said this looks more like what a magician should wear.  He wants $300 for it.

This ring is a little big for my ring finger, but the band fits the finger shape so well that I can still wear it without falling off.  It needs a little more of a size 12 sausage finger to do it justice though, my skinny fingers arent’t manly enough, it’s that hefty.


Bob thanks you.

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Genii’s are here.

gaff genii 2016

Beautifully made.  Mirror finish inside.  By coincidence, there are 29 of them and I had exactly 29 responses to the previous post.

$125 each plus $10 shipping.

$140 by paypal shipped in the US.

$162 by paypal shipped International priority.  NO insurance.

You can have them like this or wait till I make them a pretty color.  That will take about 2 weeks.

NO NEED TO GET ON A LIST.  I put all the prices here so you can just go ahead and order.  The paypals are already coming in.  Please just drop me a note if you are sending a check. If you want the color anodized one, I will ship as soon as it comes back from the anodizer.  The others I will ship as the payments come in.  No worries, if and when they sell out, I will post when they are getting near the end if that happens, And more can easily be made.  I’m having them made just a few miles away and he already has all the programming, etc.  If I see they are selling out I can have him start another batch.


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Christmas in July Lot #47


1 Copper Miracle Enjoyment set in dollar size.  Beginning to tarnish, no extra charge, or can make like new again.  $150

1 Barber expanded set.  $220

1 1964 quarter sun/moon set.  $115.

About a dozen split state quarters.  These are the very last.  I cannot get these good magnets anymore without jumping through a bunch of hoops again.  I saved these for a while because of this, but I guess I’ll let them go.  I want $40 each for them.

To the Shaun that requested the Walker TT below, I don’t think I heard from you and don’t know which Shaun you are.. and your email doesn’t show in the comments on my end.  Please advise.


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Really old video you may or may not have seen.

Found it in my downloads.  It may still be on youtube or something, I dunno, never checked.  Anyway, here it is for your pleasure.  I know it fooled when I posted years ago because guys were calling me saying wtf.  Ha.  I may expose after some guessing.  If you know, please dont tip.  This can be used for that last coin vanish that I think a lot of people talked about, although you wouldn’t be able to tell from this video.

Hint:  There is a tell as to the method in video, but I doubt you will look in the right place. :)

I have a few items I will be posting later today.  Odds and ends that have been left behind or accumulated here.

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Your Postal Services in Action


Package to JJ Sanvert.  The last ever pocket trimmer and the last ever green squisher.  The postage was $80.  And that only included $500 insurance.  I put that value so JJ wouldn’t get killed at customs.

My wife has been at the post office for an hour, and on the phone for over an hour today.  She had to repeatedly give the name of sender AND name of recipient, along with the tracking number… about 10 times…. each time they transferred her to someone else that didn’t know what was going on.

When asked why it wasn’t delivered here when it arrived back in Longmont, after exactly a month, they informed that it was supposed to go to Georgia and they didn’t know why it went to San Fransisco.  Confused yet?

We are now waiting for a team to follow up.  My wife was told to give them 12 days.  I put my name on the email request for updates on the package.  If the package now vaporizes, it takes 90 days for the claim… of $500.  I think when it was all said and done JJ paid by paypal and the amount was over $800.  I wonder if the postage will be refunded.  Last time it was that con artist JB Benn.  That one cost me over $300 as well.

Now the post office is telling me they have a new international guaranteed service that is run by fed ex but costs less…said I should use that.  Sorry international guys, I’m going to start to have to claim the full value on packages and you will have to pay pay pay your customs, or you will release me from all liability on these shipments.  It’s bad enough to go through all the sweat and blood to make this stuff, have it lost, and then have to pay on top of that.

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2 Standard Walker Triple Threats


The Real.  $375 each.

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3 BU 1964 Kennedy Magnetic Flippers

june flippers

THREE available.  $175 each PLUS shipping.  And 4% bonus charge from Gaypal if you prefer.

I will make a matching expanded shell for $100 or shimmed shell for $125.  These 3 only.

Working this weekend and Monday catching up on some orders.  Tuesday I am going fishing for a few days.  Should return near weeks’ end… earlier if my back get sore sleeping in a tent, later if we knock the shit out of ’em.

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