3 BU 1964 Kennedy Magnetic Flippers

june flippers

THREE available.  $175 each PLUS shipping.  And 4% bonus charge from Gaypal if you prefer.

I will make a matching expanded shell for $100 or shimmed shell for $125.  These 3 only.

Working this weekend and Monday catching up on some orders.  Tuesday I am going fishing for a few days.  Should return near weeks’ end… earlier if my back get sore sleeping in a tent, later if we knock the shit out of ’em.

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Walker TTGF’S Complete at Wast.



After the pre-orders, I have surplus of these 9 Beautiful Walker TTGF’s.  I made extras. :) And I will have surplus of 2 1964 Kennedy sets in a couple more days.

I am keeping the same price of $450 a set for this batch, but if any more are ever to be made they wont be that cheap.  These took forever and a day to make with a bit of the hair thinning at every turn.  If you requested one on a previous post, I will honor those first.  I promise not to make any more of these for a very long time.  And boy are they fun to handle.

Ok, so the guys that have paid already..or almost.. are McA, PK, EricF.  You are the one of each guys.

I have a 64 set reserved for Robert M. and Shawn H.

I have a Walker set for Daniel D, Dan T, Evan K, Jordan S, Fred, Chris W, and Jeff Davis Maui.

If there are any cancellations, Howard gets it.  He was the cut off. 

Many thanks fellers.

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Card Gaffing Genii Sign Up

I’ve been getting alot of requests for another run.  I think they are usually around $125.  I promise the best ones ever this time.  Leave your name and be sure I know how to contact you if your email doesn’t show up in your post.  Thanks.

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Peace Lovers


These are BU Peace dollars.  Super nice.  Two expanded shell sets ($400) and one TTGF ($510).

One soft Morgan TTGF.  $510.

Three copper crown Triple Threats.  $300 each.  These were starting to darken up a bit on their own, they have been here a while.  If you would like them restored to original brilliant condition it will only take a minute.  I re-polished the innerds real nice.

On the quarter expanded shell sets… I got SteveG’s moolah and it looks like Jerry G., Manny, and Sterling are after that… with Roy and A.J. close behind.  Any of you guys that still want a set after that, drop a note here, I will get them made up, I acquired another nice roll of these.

Peace out.

Oh… a meeting with the remote one….. I have the Tall Bob rings in my possession.  I have sized them, he has labelled them and put prices on them.  I have other details.  Will post tomorrow.  Bob was inspired and ready for your custom orders as well.  Many thanks all supporters.  You WON’T be dissappointed.

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Last of the midget roll..


Pristine BU 1964.  Shell and 4 coins.  $80.

One extra shell.  $5o.

On the sun/moon sets… I have Kainoa, Roy, Art, and Tommy.  You were the first 4.




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My new answer to everything….

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4 BU 64 Quarter Sun/Moons

And the rare pristine 1959 South African half pennies.


$115 each.  Includes matching coins.  Extra quarter fits copper shell.

I fooled a magician with this the other day.  I let him examine the quarter, then I handed him the gaff, which he held just the way I thought he would… between his thumb and first finger.   Took it back from him with the same digits and did Rob’s SAMOYA routine.  Fries.

I’m sorry to inform you this Friday.. postage has gone up remarkably.  Especially the international stuffs.  Regular International Priority used to be $25… is now $34.  And Express International went from $50 to near $70 with insurance.  No word from Uncle.  Just gimme gimme.  Ate it on a few shipments today.  You are welcome.  You other unlucky bastards will have to pay.. pay pay.



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