Red and Yellow. Kill a fellow.


Sometimes Negative is Good.

Alrightee then.  Just in the nick of my promised deadline.  You can call me Mr. On Time.

I have 42 of these.   They are $500 + $12 to ship inside USA.  $25 to ship outside of USA (priority international).  And $50 to ship outside of USA with insurance (express mail).  $100 for Fedex.

If you are franxious for post hastiliness, you may also use Paypal.. if you add 4% to the above formula for your total.  I am not going to screw around and try to make paypal buttons work.  Ha.  Send paypals to my same email address…

I may have about 10 extra sets of blades for these, that you would proabably never need.  These are hardened A2 tool steel and the ones I have been using since day one show no signs of wear or dulling.  Anyway, some just want extras.  $50 for an extra set.  While supplies last.

These trimmers are the finest example ever made.  Super smooth action and super easy to adjust.  All the tolerances were tightened up on these and you can feel the difference immediately.

And this…  is just to keep it colorful for now.  Happy Thanksgiving Fellers.


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Puffy coins. Any Ideas?

chinese fatties

I found one of these on ebay and ordered it from some guy in China.  After I received it, I still didn’t/don’t know what I have, but they have a really cool feel to them.  So I asked and he said he lived right outside a market there where they have a then I had my wife contact him and got a big box of them.  Ha.

These are about 1 3/4 inch diameter, thin on the edges and pretty darn puffy in the middle.  Heavy as well.  I have a couple ideas… you?  May be popular with law enforcement personell.

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Commemorative UWC Continued…

commemorative uwc 1

Set One South Africa

commemorative uwc 2

Set Two Cyprus.

commemorative uwc 3

Set Three Cyprus.

commemorative uwc 4

Set 4 Australia.

On left are extra coins.  Center and right are the 2 sun/moons.  Both inserts steel shimmed and shells tefloned.  Remilled edges on all silver.

Thought I’d post these first in case any of the uncirculated 1921 uwc guys on the list changed their minds.  I’ve made very few of these soft sets.

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Show and Tell Thursday


42 BEAUTIFUL sets of the Pocket Negative Trimmers going to anodize today.


These are some of the most immaculately machined parts I have ever seen.  He programs the machine to deburr every single edge on every part, and that’s alot of edges.  Check it. No  hand file is ever used.  It’s the ultimate tech in uniformity.  It took me 6 weeks to get these 42 sets done.  I’m talking about 10 extra trips to keep things moving and updating tooling.  Ha.   See?  You want good shit, it’s no different anywhere you go.  Ha.

They should be going out in a week or so if I have any luck at the anodizers.  I only have enough of the hardened blades for about 30 sets, so there may be another small snag at about the 30 mark.  Right around 5 bills this time, as promised.  Not going into the stratosphere on these, even though they have cost me about double what I paid to have them made last time and I’m guessing they will sell out fairly quickly based on interest.  These will go down in history as the best machines I ever produced, they are stunning.


Working on Table Reflector prototypes instead of playing pool lately, have a couple weekends invested.  I made them double and single hinged, both are nice for different applications, so now I am making them so you can put them together either way.  Have great ideas for the bug part as well.

Making 3D cad models of the card cages and from that blueprints so I can get these quoted easily.

The new Squisher is the bomb.  My cards are the shizzle every morning.  One of my own products that I truly get to enjoy.

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Stainless Thumbscrews


Over 200 bucks for a box of 100.  Nicely made in USA though.  With shoulder.  I likey.

And  still brightening each morning with Brain buys a crappy drumset.  Not tired of it yet. It’s too awesome.

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The Leftbehinders….

Ok, so it APPEARS this way…

Dennis T….  brass miracle enjoyment set.

Jonathan…  chinatown dollar.

Oscar M….. walker csb set.

Roger…. dollar scotch and soda.

James… shell set on right.  60 bucks James.

Evan C….  half dollar size chinese shell set.

I think you guys were the firsts.  Let me know if still interested and I’ll figure the prices less 20 bucks.

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We survived the skull faced asteroid. Will leave the update stuff.

Got some nice UWC sets finishing up, and a few that may be deemed… collectible.  :)  Or not.  Will let you have a look at the t’otherns before I start posting the standard 1921s.

Pocket Negative Trimmers, last I saw are about all finished up.  I paid a bunch more to have them machined this time, so I didn’t have to do any work myself, and they are just beautiful, no doubt the very best ones yet.  They still have to go to anodize, but should be assembled and shipping before Thanksgiving.

Card cases will be starting production.

And also designing a hinged “table reflector” from the same brass and stainless shoulder bolts.  I paid $40 for a deluxe convex/concave mirror from Edmunds Optics, gonna search a cheaper alternative maybe, but these you can choose the focal point, etc.  Thinking I may add a card clip or something and call it the versa-bug.  What else would you like to see stuck under the table?

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