For you guys just receiving your folding coins….

.. I was going to make a quick video of putting a new band on there, but I think I can just explain it post hastilier.

Take your paper clip with a little hook on the end and hang the rubber band on it, ala the flipper explanation video.  Pick up the far left piece of the folding coin and stretch the band around this single piece and pull it taught.

Pick up the middle piece, put it next to the first piece inside the loop, and pull band taught to the right.

Pick up the last piece, put it next to the middle piece inside the loop, and pull the band taught to the right.  The main thing is to insure that the band is tight at all the joint areas.

Now you will be left with a glob of extra rubber band sticking out on the right side.  The groove is .015 inch wide, take any piece of shim or anything that is thinner than that.  Probably even the tip of a thin knife blade edge is acceptable, but use caution and moderation, a shim is best.  Use this to tuck the remaining band in the groove.  You can use a bit of a rolling motion.  It will go in below flush with minimal effort and be invisible.  The grey rubber bands included help hide the groove even more.

This procedure insures the folder will be lively in the folded areas and spring back into a presentable coin immediately, with no gaps where it was cut.

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Walker Folders


Haven’t made these for a long time.

$75 each.  If you send me an $85 paypal, and you are not shipping internationally,  I’ll ship yours tomorrow.

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aa1 aa2 aa3 aa4

Well, actually they ARE expensive and I’ll cut right to the chase.  I want $1200 for each of these 3 sets.  I don’t care if you don’t spring into action on these immediately, I don’t blame you.  I’ll wait.  This is easier than all the sealed bidding, etc., for me at least, and the amount of time I have wrapped up in these wouldn’t allow me to take a penny less.

Each set is a UWC set with extra coins.  There is a little black African wood tray for the coins… one holds the 2 solid coins, and one for each sun/moon coin.  The boxes are made from very nice pieces of cocobolo with fantastic grain.  The box lids are engraved with the biohazard design matching the tail side of the coins.  Inside the lids, they are signed, dated, and numbered 1/3 through 3/3.  These will be the only 3 made, and that’s a promise.  I had a bad reaction to the wood this time and won’t be making any more of the boxes either.

One set has the starving buffalo and the other 2 feature the rotting Morgue-Anne dollars.  These are pure silver dollars and good grade copper.

The coins are all remilled, steel cored, teflon coated, etc… exactly as my standard UWC sets are.  However, you probably aren’t going to want to use these for your restaurant gig.  Just a hunch.


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… will be at the Denver Con Sept 23…. if, he can avoid or be finished with his jury duty.  I’ve just gotten word from the local boy himself.  Very good news indeed.

Kainoa informed me he will be here about a week ago.

Dave Neighbors has been on the list since before the convention was conceived.

And I just now see that Craig Ousterling is going to be there with his astounding coin box routine.

Things are shaping up for the coin guys at this small convention.  It was originally being ruled by primarily card guys I think.  Now there is hope that Reynolds may learn his first coin trick this go round.

And hoping we can have one massive, drunken coin flinging bbq or something at the Lassen ranch.

And check this out….

It says I will be performing, hahahahaha.  That’s a good one.  They are also using an unauthorized photo.  Can I sue?  It also proclaims I will have a table full of stuff you can’t believe.  This may or may not be true.  Ha.  I think I have a folding quarter ready to go, it’s a commercial one though.  Come and get it.

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For you Genii’ers that were patient…. VIOLA….


New anodizer.. said it was their most popular and magnificent color.  I bit.  Purps it is.  And they deliver. Verrr nice.

I ordered new dry mount paper to send out with these, but they sent me the wrong ones.  I actually ordered two different varieties from the same site, and they sent me the same WRONG one to fill both orders.  Ha.  Anyway, the paper I am including with these genii’s is not my favorite for some applications.  It is the silicone feeling one, the one I prefer is the one that looks more like wax paper… trying to procure now, I’ll let you know which one when I find out.  Sheesh.  And if you have a suggestion for your favorite dry mount paper, leave it here, shit keeps changing so fast, each time I do this some big corporation owns the company I used to deal with, etc.   And bless his heart, Don England is not here to take my call, shit, hope you are RIPing my friend.

Also, trying to get the card cages made up in time for the Sept. convention out here.  30 of the aluminum ones.   I met the new convention dudes when Reynolds was out here, pretty good lot.


And while I am here..  I have these 5 UWC sets that will be entirely finished today.  The unexpanded variety.  Inserts are shimmed, shells tefloned, extra coins, everything remilled, etc.  Still $550.

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Bought this bar fly a drink and he showed me a 10 card trick…

z. dude

Ha.  Steve was railing on me that he hasn’t a single coin routine in his repertoire.  And now I have had the pleasure of informing him that only ONE of my customers has recognized one of the greatest and most passionate card handlers in the world.

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The REAL coins of the past.. meet coins of the future set. Ha.


The Apocalypse coins are dated 2017, and I think that’s just about right on time by my way of thinking and the looks of things today.  :)  Add your own doom patter, should be a no brainer.  Ha.

This is one of those super dreamy handling sets…silent, flat and very soft, hard to put down actually.  It includes a magnetic Ramsay stack, expanded set, and Sun/Moon coin.

The expanded shell is perfect, it is on the right.  Super soft and shows no stress at all, also very sturdy and deceptive.  The copper shell also fits the ungaffed Morgans.

I want $950 for the set.  I was rather passionate about making this and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It will serve a creative individual very well, and should spark inspiration.  A worker needs to have this, it begs to be handled alot and get out often.  Ha.

tall bob wanker 2

I’m removing the Tall Bob post, but I still have this ring and there has been some interest.  I will take a picture, as requested, to show the band and also I will take measurements for you to compare to ring size.  Bob will make custom stuff.  I have not received a magnetic ring from him yet, in fact I haven’t seen him since before the 4th.




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