Raw Alzheimers… er…. Aluminum…

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Ok, finally after near infinite hours on these…. my wife has even had silver hands for 5 days in a row.  :)  Seriously though, I’m so freaking happy to be going back to silver.

That said, I think all the hard work is going to be evident.  It appears there will be 29 total sets and I’ll keep a couple probably.  I have these boxed up and ready to go to anodize, so if anyone wants one before it goes to anodize, now is the time.

I’ll also say at this time I have not decided on the colors.  It will be a crap shoot.  I won’t know until I go down to the place and hold samples next to each other.  I may make some like grey and black for all I know, trying to decide what is best for the context of the thing.  Should it be edgy looking or soothing.  Some have asked for solid red and blue.  I may like the light pastel blue and pink, so be warned.

As we have been slaving over these for another 7 days, I’ve had to realize that I can’t sell these for “a little more than 300 bucks” as estimated.  The best I can do is $375, and if they were ever to be made again… not a penny under $500.  I highly underestimated all aspects of this project.  Ha. I paid $200 to have the blueprints made.  High quote just to make the 4 piece assembly was $320 each.  Cost of the little stainless hardware was $18 for the six shoulder bolts and $5 for the 2 knurled knobs, per set.  But what really put it over the top was having my wife sit there for a week.  The price of having a woman in the shop was simply not affordable.

I know, it’s very niche like, and maybe there aren’t 29 people in the world that would want it that bad, but I would buy one.   And on that note, last week I was speaking with the jerx Andy about purchasing 2 of his $300 books.  One for a friend and one for me.  I heard they were near selling out.  His second email response I found to be wonderful.

No hurry. I don’t have many left, but at that price the ones I do have are intended to last me a while. (My hope is it becomes the most sought after book of all time and, 40 years from now, I can live off a half dozen copies.) 

So anyway, if you want a raw aluminum card cage for $375, today is Tuesday, I’ll wait until Thursday to take these down to Denver.  Since I don’t know if these will ever be made again, and I’m guessing not, I’ll keep a couple here so that I could custom anodize them at a later date.

These are color pictures, btw, and if you buy the nice black superior decks from Kalush, your raw aluminum case will look this good too.  The bottom picture contains a sticker that an old friend in Ward recently picked up on her last trip to California for me.  I thought possibly appropriate, it was lying right on the same bench waiting for a place as a sticker somewhere.

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I’ll be Bach.


Arnold approved.

The world’s most elegant, effective, intricate card case ever designed.  Ultimate rigid construction made from high grade aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware.  WEIGHS in at 4.7 ounces!


This is a new pack with jokers.  You can see the clamping power, as it squeezes one side of the deck first and then the other as you tighten the thumb screws.

I’ve designed this so that it will accommodate a new pack with plenty pressure, so that entire box gets a nice flattening and squaring, and when you remove the extra cards it still has some nice pressure on the pack.  I’ve tried it on a variety of decks that I have here, it works just about perfect this way with all of them.

That is not including those fat decks like the Robusto.  But with odd decks you can probably remove or add a card or two to get the exact pressure you want.  For your bike, tally ho, bee, most Kalush decks, etc., you should be in the sweet spot.


Will squeeeeeeeze yer deck just like yer corn squeezins.

Here is the same deck in closed position.  It should exert very even pressure on the entire deck, but you can see the most focal area of rigidity is around the edge of the card and not your dick.  Sorry couldn’t stop that one.  I’m inbred.  Anyway, you see what I mean.  It’s very effective,  cards are happy after manipulation.

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October Git n’ Go


After much research and experimentation, I have found that the best dry mount paper is no longer available.  Ha.  It was called MT 5.  The Seal brand was the best.  They have all been replaced by that silicone feeling stuff.  But luckily, you can still find the good stuff on ebay for a very reasonable price.  I also bought an ancient package of Kodak mounting paper that I have not tried yet, will let you know.  It was all discolored and such but maybe it has qualities beyond appearance.  Ha.  Anyway, you should be able to buy this Seal brand, as I saw several auctions for it just the one time I looked.

The Rocky Mtn convention was good fun.  Not alot on the venue, but set up more for just the hang.  And hang we did.  Met Craig Osterlind finally and loved his okito stuff.  And as you know, plenty coin guys were on hand.  Great.  There were only 40 attendees, so I have these convention items to sell off.


7 shimmed Walking Liberty expanded shells.  SAVER’S SPECIAL.  $120 each.  These are made to fit an average size Walker but you will have to hand pick your fitting coins, as they are not all the same size obviously.


9 Walking Liberty expanded shell sets.  Not shimmed.  ONE TIME PRICE SPECIAL.  $180 each.  These have sold for the same price of  $200 since the year 2000.  No limit per customer, first come first serve.  The reason I am making them 20 bucks cheaper is because I want to sell all of them post hastily. 🙂


4 expanded Barber sets.  Top left is shimmed.  $225 each.  No bargains.  Ha.


2 folding Walkers.  $75 each.

I also have one pristine 64 Kennedy expanded shell set that I will also sell at the $180 one time bargain price, and one brass half dollar sized Miracle Enjoyment set.  $100 for that.

While making the last batch of folding coins, I discovered what might be a unique way of using said coin.  The idea is to hold out a bent coin, show an ungaffed coin, switch it for the folding coin, and begin poking and melting the folding coin.  Very subtle while the coin is catching some light and it looks like it is becoming soft.  If you barely press on it the cut lines will not be evident.  Then I cover most of the coin with a finger and press it into my palm, you see the bent looking coin’s edge, palm it, and drop the bent coin.  Someone will have a much better handling, but I like the idea.  It is visual.

If you want to experiment, I’d sell this matching date set with bent coin, folding coin, and switch coin… for $125.


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For you guys just receiving your folding coins….

.. I was going to make a quick video of putting a new band on there, but I think I can just explain it post hastilier.

Take your paper clip with a little hook on the end and hang the rubber band on it, ala the flipper explanation video.  Pick up the far left piece of the folding coin and stretch the band around this single piece and pull it taught.

Pick up the middle piece, put it next to the first piece inside the loop, and pull band taught to the right.

Pick up the last piece, put it next to the middle piece inside the loop, and pull the band taught to the right.  The main thing is to insure that the band is tight at all the joint areas.

Now you will be left with a glob of extra rubber band sticking out on the right side.  The groove is .015 inch wide, take any piece of shim or anything that is thinner than that.  Probably even the tip of a thin knife blade edge is acceptable, but use caution and moderation, a shim is best.  Use this to tuck the remaining band in the groove.  You can use a bit of a rolling motion.  It will go in below flush with minimal effort and be invisible.  The grey rubber bands included help hide the groove even more.

This procedure insures the folder will be lively in the folded areas and spring back into a presentable coin immediately, with no gaps where it was cut.

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Walker Folders


Haven’t made these for a long time.

$75 each.  If you send me an $85 paypal, and you are not shipping internationally,  I’ll ship yours tomorrow.

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aa1 aa2 aa3 aa4

Well, actually they ARE expensive and I’ll cut right to the chase.  I want $1200 for each of these 3 sets.  I don’t care if you don’t spring into action on these immediately, I don’t blame you.  I’ll wait.  This is easier than all the sealed bidding, etc., for me at least, and the amount of time I have wrapped up in these wouldn’t allow me to take a penny less.

Each set is a UWC set with extra coins.  There is a little black African wood tray for the coins… one holds the 2 solid coins, and one for each sun/moon coin.  The boxes are made from very nice pieces of cocobolo with fantastic grain.  The box lids are engraved with the biohazard design matching the tail side of the coins.  Inside the lids, they are signed, dated, and numbered 1/3 through 3/3.  These will be the only 3 made, and that’s a promise.  I had a bad reaction to the wood this time and won’t be making any more of the boxes either.

One set has the starving buffalo and the other 2 feature the rotting Morgue-Anne dollars.  These are pure silver dollars and good grade copper.

The coins are all remilled, steel cored, teflon coated, etc… exactly as my standard UWC sets are.  However, you probably aren’t going to want to use these for your restaurant gig.  Just a hunch.


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… will be at the Denver Con Sept 23…. if, he can avoid or be finished with his jury duty.  I’ve just gotten word from the local boy himself.  Very good news indeed.

Kainoa informed me he will be here about a week ago.

Dave Neighbors has been on the list since before the convention was conceived.

And I just now see that Craig Ousterling is going to be there with his astounding coin box routine.

Things are shaping up for the coin guys at this small convention.  It was originally being ruled by primarily card guys I think.  Now there is hope that Reynolds may learn his first coin trick this go round.

And hoping we can have one massive, drunken coin flinging bbq or something at the Lassen ranch.


And check this out….

It says I will be performing, hahahahaha.  That’s a good one.  They are also using an unauthorized photo.  Can I sue?  It also proclaims I will have a table full of stuff you can’t believe.  This may or may not be true.  Ha.  I think I have a folding quarter ready to go, it’s a commercial one though.  Come and get it.

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