Who could resist that doorway? The 12 Volt….

12 volt 2

… appealus maximus.  You gotta go full screen for the full appreciation.  Plenty good butts outside. New best friends inside.  10:00 AM,  I’ll predict at least 3 BFFs by the end of happy hour.  Hard to find a decent place like this where you can get shitfaced ALL DAY, gambling and buying rounds with the homies, and maybe a burger, a couple rounds from Dick’s Hot Nut Hut.. for under 50 bucks.  I was just in a new taco joint in Longmont that had tequila for $69 a shot and all the brightly colored ambiance that would assure you you’d never meet a single other down to earth person if you sat there all day.   I’m going to suggest the 12 Volt as the GO TO bar during the Rocky Mountain Sessions in Sept.  Get a haircut, the back door area looked a little rough.

About halfway or better through a raft of half dollar TTGFs.  12 Walkers and 6 Kennedys.  Advance payments of checks and cash now being accepted, but please confirm first.  I should ship by at least next Friday.

The work is tediously retarded.  I blew up my expander and the backup, finally after all these years.  Got sprayed with hydraulic fluid on the last one.  Ha, pissed me off.  But… good old made in U.S.A 100%.  Turnaround from manufacturer in one day, even repainted.  2 way UPS ground on 100lbs got me for 6 days and $230… more than the complete breakdown and repair on both cylinders.  Due back tomorrow.

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Card Gaffing Genii Sign Up

I’ve been getting alot of requests for another run.  I think they are usually around $125.  I promise the best ones ever this time.  Leave your name and be sure I know how to contact you if your email doesn’t show up in your post.  Thanks.

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Peace Lovers


These are BU Peace dollars.  Super nice.  Two expanded shell sets ($400) and one TTGF ($510).

One soft Morgan TTGF.  $510.

Three copper crown Triple Threats.  $300 each.  These were starting to darken up a bit on their own, they have been here a while.  If you would like them restored to original brilliant condition it will only take a minute.  I re-polished the innerds real nice.

On the quarter expanded shell sets… I got SteveG’s moolah and it looks like Jerry G., Manny, and Sterling are after that… with Roy and A.J. close behind.  Any of you guys that still want a set after that, drop a note here, I will get them made up, I acquired another nice roll of these.

Peace out.

Oh… a meeting with the remote one….. I have the Tall Bob rings in my possession.  I have sized them, he has labelled them and put prices on them.  I have other details.  Will post tomorrow.  Bob was inspired and ready for your custom orders as well.  Many thanks all supporters.  You WON’T be dissappointed.

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Last of the midget roll..


Pristine BU 1964.  Shell and 4 coins.  $80.

One extra shell.  $5o.

On the sun/moon sets… I have Kainoa, Roy, Art, and Tommy.  You were the first 4.




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My new answer to everything….

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4 BU 64 Quarter Sun/Moons

And the rare pristine 1959 South African half pennies.


$115 each.  Includes matching coins.  Extra quarter fits copper shell.

I fooled a magician with this the other day.  I let him examine the quarter, then I handed him the gaff, which he held just the way I thought he would… between his thumb and first finger.   Took it back from him with the same digits and did Rob’s SAMOYA routine.  Fries.

I’m sorry to inform you this Friday.. postage has gone up remarkably.  Especially the international stuffs.  Regular International Priority used to be $25… is now $34.  And Express International went from $50 to near $70 with insurance.  No word from Uncle.  Just gimme gimme.  Ate it on a few shipments today.  You are welcome.  You other unlucky bastards will have to pay.. pay pay.



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Tall Bob Murray…

… is a very unique individual.  If you’d want to find him, you’d most likely have to catch him walking along a road somewhere in the mountains.  I’ve known Bob since the late 70s.  He has lived in a VERY remote area, a meadow actually, in an old squatters cabin for 43 years.  It has no running water and no electricity.  There are no roads that go there.  He is 73 now and just got his first phone, which does not work where he lives.  Bob says he still walks an average of 8 miles a day, and still climbs 14k mountains in search of geological gems.

Bob is also a wildlife photographer and has names for many of the animals that live in his meadow including a month old baby moose that was so small that it looked like a rugged chow dog with a short nose.  He puts out salt licks and has a regular crowd.

Bob is also the best jeweler this side of anywhere.  You have not seen jewelry like this.  His bracelets custom fit around the bones in your wrist.  His rings are not round, they fit the shape of your finger like a glove.  The stones fit like gloves…or he says… he tidies everything up a bit over other jewelers.

Bob came down the mountain today and took a bus to see me in Longmont.  He brought several carabiners full of rings with him, several other beautiful pieces, a large portfolio of his wonderful pictures, and a baby moose antler that he had just found.  He said they are a very rare find and also the rats and such eat them right away.  Full of calcium I guess.

Anyway, it got late and I said I needed to drive up the mountain anyway for a little breather, so I gave him a lift up as far as I could and made a stop for some groceries on the way.   I got the idea that maybe I should take some pictures on the way up, so we laid out some rings on a car mat before parting ways.  These are all nice heavy, perfect for magic, and like nothing you ever put on your finger…. just in case anyone is interested.

The largest ones fit my ring finger, and closest I can tell is size 11 1/2.  And the smallest ones fit my pinky, and that is about a size 8.  I asked what he got for these and he said between 120 and 300, depending on the stones, and maybe size.  I don’t know.  They are all stamped Tall Bob along with the date on the inside.  I grabbed a beautiful Colorado turqoise…big wankin’ one…it was 200.  Awesome.  A steal.   I’m sure he’d appreciate the business, it is most of his bread and butter, along with his photos, and you wont find anything more unique.


IMG_0817 IMG_0820 IMG_0821   IMG_0816

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