Be prepared to GO WILD in the near future….

apocowild apocowild2 apocowild3 apocowild4 apocowild5


Well, just a little wild.  There will only be 3 UWC of the Apocolypse sets.  This is the first one.

I saved these coins for a while now.  They were taken off the market at a promised date, I think it was January 1st 2015, and thought I’d better make something real nice to justify cutting on them.

One thing led to another, and now I’ve spent nearly a week just making the boxes.  I still have a stash of exotic woods, but haven’t looked through all of it for years.  I picked some of the real nice pieces.  The black is not ebony, it is some other dense black African variety.

I thought about what I want to charge for these.  I know how much time will have been invested when they are complete.  I recently saw one of my copper Triple Threats (used) that I sell for $300 go for over $600 on ebay.  That’s good that my items have great resale value sometimes, but I don’t want some joker making more money than I do by simply turning these around.  I’m thinking I’ll post all 3 sets when completed and then resort to a sealed bid sort of thing again.  There won’t be any more, I really hate exotic wood dust, ha, so they should have some collector value at some point.



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For you Genii’ers that were patient…. VIOLA….


New anodizer.. said it was their most popular and magnificent color.  I bit.  Purps it is.  And they deliver. Verrr nice.

I ordered new dry mount paper to send out with these, but they sent me the wrong ones.  I actually ordered two different varieties from the same site, and they sent me the same WRONG one to fill both orders.  Ha.  Anyway, the paper I am including with these genii’s is not my favorite for some applications.  It is the silicone feeling one, the one I prefer is the one that looks more like wax paper… trying to procure now, I’ll let you know which one when I find out.  Sheesh.  And if you have a suggestion for your favorite dry mount paper, leave it here, shit keeps changing so fast, each time I do this some big corporation owns the company I used to deal with, etc.   And bless his heart, Don England is not here to take my call, shit, hope you are RIPing my friend.

Also, trying to get the card cages made up in time for the Sept. convention out here.  30 of the aluminum ones.   I met the new convention dudes when Reynolds was out here, pretty good lot.


And while I am here..  I have these 5 UWC sets that will be entirely finished today.  The unexpanded variety.  Inserts are shimmed, shells tefloned, extra coins, everything remilled, etc.  Still $550.

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Bought this bar fly a drink and he showed me a 10 card trick…

z. dude

Ha.  Steve was railing on me that he hasn’t a single coin routine in his repertoire.  And now I have had the pleasure of informing him that only ONE of my customers has recognized one of the greatest and most passionate card handlers in the world.

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The REAL coins of the past.. meet coins of the future set. Ha.


The Apocalypse coins are dated 2017, and I think that’s just about right on time by my way of thinking and the looks of things today.  :)  Add your own doom patter, should be a no brainer.  Ha.

This is one of those super dreamy handling sets…silent, flat and very soft, hard to put down actually.  It includes a magnetic Ramsay stack, expanded set, and Sun/Moon coin.

The expanded shell is perfect, it is on the right.  Super soft and shows no stress at all, also very sturdy and deceptive.  The copper shell also fits the ungaffed Morgans.

I want $950 for the set.  I was rather passionate about making this and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It will serve a creative individual very well, and should spark inspiration.  A worker needs to have this, it begs to be handled alot and get out often.  Ha.

tall bob wanker 2

I’m removing the Tall Bob post, but I still have this ring and there has been some interest.  I will take a picture, as requested, to show the band and also I will take measurements for you to compare to ring size.  Bob will make custom stuff.  I have not received a magnetic ring from him yet, in fact I haven’t seen him since before the 4th.




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Genii’s are here.

gaff genii 2016

Beautifully made.  Mirror finish inside.  By coincidence, there are 29 of them and I had exactly 29 responses to the previous post.

$125 each plus $10 shipping.

$140 by paypal shipped in the US.

$162 by paypal shipped International priority.  NO insurance.

You can have them like this or wait till I make them a pretty color.  That will take about 2 weeks.

NO NEED TO GET ON A LIST.  I put all the prices here so you can just go ahead and order.  The paypals are already coming in.  Please just drop me a note if you are sending a check. If you want the color anodized one, I will ship as soon as it comes back from the anodizer.  The others I will ship as the payments come in.  No worries, if and when they sell out, I will post when they are getting near the end if that happens, And more can easily be made.  I’m having them made just a few miles away and he already has all the programming, etc.  If I see they are selling out I can have him start another batch.


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Christmas in July Lot #47


1 Copper Miracle Enjoyment set in dollar size.  Beginning to tarnish, no extra charge, or can make like new again.  $150

1 Barber expanded set.  $220

1 1964 quarter sun/moon set.  $115.

About a dozen split state quarters.  These are the very last.  I cannot get these good magnets anymore without jumping through a bunch of hoops again.  I saved these for a while because of this, but I guess I’ll let them go.  I want $40 each for them.

To the Shaun that requested the Walker TT below, I don’t think I heard from you and don’t know which Shaun you are.. and your email doesn’t show in the comments on my end.  Please advise.


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Really old video you may or may not have seen.

Found it in my downloads.  It may still be on youtube or something, I dunno, never checked.  Anyway, here it is for your pleasure.  I know it fooled when I posted years ago because guys were calling me saying wtf.  Ha.  I may expose after some guessing.  If you know, please dont tip.  This can be used for that last coin vanish that I think a lot of people talked about, although you wouldn’t be able to tell from this video.

Hint:  There is a tell as to the method in video, but I doubt you will look in the right place. 🙂

I have a few items I will be posting later today.  Odds and ends that have been left behind or accumulated here.

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