Knobs… er… thumbscrews… are in!

IMG_2628 IMG_2629

Squishes real fine.  More than happy.  Pulls and locks ‘er down tight.  Awesome.  Couldn’t resist putting the little Lassen logo with a circle around it in the center of the screw heads.  You can’t see it in the pic though.  Ha.  And wait’ll you see the next generation of these.  I predict a frenzy.


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Otis FX (2)


Sorry, that’s  a crappy picture.  These are super unky vacuumy fit Morgans.  It’s Friday and I”m in a hurry to get to the frig and the pool table, so no re-take.  Ha.

$400 plus postage.

And tried to get more of the brass looking Costa Rica coins.  I thought I bought my guy out last round, and .. I did.  They gone…..

Dear Todd:
So far I have struck out on the Costa Rica 100 Colones brass colored.
I have one more inquiry to Europe and will see if they can supply any from there.   Will let you know the result as soon as I hear.
All the best,
Richard Benson
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A Hook for you Crooks, and continued Show and Tell


Carving away to find the finest card case ever made underneath.  :)

brass case

brass case 2

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How they all start…..


deck brass

… high hopes for this one.  Thought you’d like to see it in it’s very rough state.

And since I still have the movie camera out…  I  have been thinking about showing the original Latta wild coin routine that inspired my UWC.  I was trying to go over it and remember all the bits…. really fun to do.  (I have a nice set of the Morgue-Anne coins, ha).  Most of the structure is still intact, I think, but lost the original video that was recorded at Eric DeCamps apartment years ago.  Word came from Eric yesterday that these were called the “pink purse” tapes.  He may find his…or if anyone else has a copy, that would be excellent.  He said the only other for sure that might have it would be Gallo.  Gallo was on it, a young long-haired Latta, and Conover had several versions of his C&C and his salt pour on there.  He also had a miser’s routine where the coin purse turned gold.  Anyone?

BTW… I found one of those gold purses on ebay… a nice Japanese one….

coin purse

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Your Paypal button for the Shake Sets

ah screw it.  if you want to you use paypal, just paypal to  $110 or send me a check for $106.  button not working so good I guess.  $130 for international orders.

Special somethings should be here today or tomorrow and these should be ready to ship.

The postage thing on paypal kept not doing what I tell it to do.  It wouldn’t ignore the presets, so I went back in settings and put zero postage inside U.S.  That seems to have worked.  So I just added 4% and 6 bucks shipping in the price.  $110.  A check for $106 will equally suffice.  Goat head, if you missed the first 23 sets, you will get the silver Costa coins, is all, so send away, I’ll cover all takers for a week or so.  Then that’s it.  I don’t want to overstep any bounds that were graciously granted.

I’ve left the coins lying out on the table in the same order.  If you have specific set you want, if you haven’t it here so others will know and make a note in your paypal transaction.  That will make it easy for me when sending off.

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Tap Tap Tippy Tap your shell magic to a New Level….

In a good mood today.  I’ve designed some new stuff that you and I will be very excited about.

Here is a tidbit that I have shared very little.  You will use it.  It really adds.  It’s great to do for magicians as well.  You can make your shell sound like a coin, and it is my belief this is a little known fact, so you are welcome.  Use it and think of Lassen.  Don’t post it on MC.  Thanks.  Ha.

In the first display with the shell in a fan of coins, it is important to hold the shell firmly and against the other coins tightly.  Use the silver dollar to whack the shell on the FRONT EDGE.  You can hit it pretty hard, it will not damage the shell if you make contact at the face edge of the shell where it is rigid.  This will sound EXACTLY like a coin.

In the second display, where the shell is covering a coin, push the insert coin up against the inside of the shell in the area where you will hit it.  On the face of the shell, pull the shell down against the insert coin… so you are pushing up on the insert coin with your thumb and pulling down on the shell with your fingers on the face.  Same deal, hit the edge of the shell on the front edge.  This will also make a perfect sound.

In the last display, hold the shell tightly and tap front edge on coin.  This one the sound is not perfect because you are only hitting the shell.  You have to muffle it somewhat and settle for what you get…still this goes by as well.

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Coin Show Gems

IMG_0573 IMG_0570 IMG_0572

Stumbled on these today.  Really cool.  And I’ll tell you why.  Of course.

These are made in Loveland, Co.  I have talked to this guy several times.  He has an old press out of the U.S. Mint in Denver.  He makes some cool political themed coins as well.  Anyway, I saw them..and oh, what are those there?  Those?  Those are expensive little buggers.  The dealers have promised to sell these at the going rate, about, unless you are another dealer.  I made it into that category.

These are about half dollar size, yet they weigh a full ounce.  It makes them very weighty, almost like gold feeling.  These are struck (which is why thy are so unique) in the traditional way of the time…. collarless.  So basically they take a blob of pure silver and smash it with no collar to contain the edges.  The edges blob/mushroom out and crack.  The bottom of the coin stays flat.  All of these add to the qualities I like.


So, they slide nice on your close up pad.  They are easy to palm with this flat side inward, and they are really nice and chunky to toss around.  This doesn’t show well, the bottom edge is actually fairly sharp in some areas, making it easy to palm and even muscle pass.  5 stars.  The satin finish ones were a different date.. 1715, but those were sweet as well… like unk morgans, I liked these softer ones more because you expect 400 year old coins to look…not brand new, awesome nonetheless.

This is very interesting as well… about Morgans.

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